Sasol discloses new business opportunities for SMEs in Mozambique

Petrochemical company Sasol, which has been exploiting natural gas in Inhambane for more than 14 years, says it has already hired more than 1,500 Mozambican companies to provide various services, for which it has disbursed US$174 million over the past two years.

But it is with eyes new horizons that Sasol decided to adopt a new approach to promote local content. The new strategy rests on five ‘pillars’.

Local Acquisitions, which aims to increase spending on goods and services provided by national companies through the implementation of a preferential procurement procedure.
Development of Companies and Suppliers (ESD), whose aim is to train local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in several key areas, including health and safety at work management, compliance with legal standards and accounting, to prepare them to access business opportunities at Sasol and other companies.
A Credit Line to support Micro, Small and Medium-sized Mozambican Companies whose goal is to provide local SMEs with affordable financial products. The SMEs Fund is already created and will be managed by BCI bank.
Local Employment, which is focused on capacity-building of Mozambicans through basic education focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics via a vocational training programme and a professional training programme.
Research, Development and Technology Transfer, whose aim is to develop and implement scalable or purpose-adjusted initiatives in partnership with the Government.
According to Sasol director general Ovideo Rodolfo, the multinational believes that it can continuously improve the lives of communities through partnership with the Government to help local companies.

Speaking at the opening of the local opportunities seminar Rodolfo said that Sasol is ready to contribute to the growth of the country’s economy and to help meet the needs of the communities.

Local Content Plan

For the Provincial Government, the time for complaining is over, and now business people must dig in. Governor of Inhambane Daniel Chapo pointed out that Sasol positions local content as an integral part of its corporate strategy and recognises the importance of professional development, manpower and local suppliers in the regions where it operates, aiming to contribute to the transformation of the local economy.

Chapo therefore invited entrepreneurs to familiarise themselves with the opportunities which are being presented and take full advantage, joining the processes in order to be part of the business.

Chapo said he expected to see international best practices and other actions in line with the socio-economic and development objectives set by the Government being met, as well as reinforcing the importance of local content as a key driver for Sasol’s future investments and operations in Mozambique.

Sasol presented its new strategy during a seminar on local opportunities which brought together members of the provincial government and business owners.

Fonte/Source: Club of Mozambique